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JOURNAL OF APPLIED BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 50, page. 275 - 280, 2007-12

Dae Young Lee; Dong Hyun Kim; Myun Ho Bang; Myoung Chong Song; Ho Young Kwak; Ki Hyun Yoo; In Sik Chung; Kyong Tai Kim; Nam In Baek


Journal of applied biological chemistry, vol. 51, no. 4, page. 165 - 168, 2008-01

Ha Na Lyu; Ho Young Kwak; Dae Young Lee; Kyong Tai Kim; Se Young Kim; Nam In Baek


Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry, vol. 52, no. 1, page. 41 - 44, 2009-01

Ha Na Lyu; Ji Hae Park; Ho Young Kwak; Dae Young Lee; Jin Gyeong Cho; Se Young Kim; Kyong Tai Kim; Nam In Baek