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Issue DateTitle

SYNTHETIC METALS, vol. 160, no. 9-10, page. 1022 - 1029, 2010-05

Bae, SY; Jung, KH; Hoang, MH; Kim, KH; Lee, TW; Cho, MJ; Jin, JI; Lee, DH; Chung, DS; Park, CE; Choi, DH


JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, vol. 32, no. 1, page. 6 - 11, 1999-01

Nam, I; Hong, Y; Hwang, I; Cho, MJ; Pak, Y


JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 274, no. 37, page. 26279 - 26286, 1999-01

Kim, JS; Cha, SS; Kim, HJ; Kim, TJ; Ha, NC; Oh, ST; Cho, HS; Cho, MJ; Kim, MJ; Lee, HS; Kim, JW; Choi, KY; Park, KH; Oh, BH


MOLECULES AND CELLS, vol. 6, no. 5, page. 541 - 546, 1996-01

Choi, YJ; Cho, EK; Lee, SI; Lim, CO; Gal, SW; Cho, MJ; An, GH


MOLECULAR & GENERAL GENETICS, vol. 255, no. 4, page. 359 - 371, 1997-07

Hae Won Yoon; Kim, MC; Shin, PG; Kim, JS; Kim, CY; Lee, SY; Hwang, I; Bahk, JD; Hong, JC; Han, C; Cho, MJ


CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, no. 35, page. 5290 - 5292, 2009-01

Jung, KH; Bae, SY; Kim, KH; Cho, MJ; Lee, K; Kim, ZH; Choi, DH; Lee, DH; Chung, DS; Park, CE


BIOCHEMISTRY, vol. 36, no. 46, page. 14030 - 14036, 1997-01

Kim, SW; Cha, SS; Cho, HS; Kim, JS; Ha, HC; Cho, MJ; Joo, S; Kim, KK; Choi, KYOh, BH


PLANT CELL REPORTS, vol. 17, no. 12, page. 930 - 936, 1998-01

Lee, CM; Lee, YJ; Lee, MH; Nam, HG; Cho, TJ; Hahn, TR; Cho, MJ; Sohn, U


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 123, no. 1, page. 51 - 58, 2000-05

Pih, KT; Yi, MJ; Liang, YS; Shin, BJ; Cho, MJ; Hwang, I; Son, D


BIOCHEMISTRY, vol. 42, no. 40, page. 11625 - 11633, 2003-01

Kim, CY; Koo, YD; Jin, JB; Moon, BC; Kang, CH; Kim, ST; Park, BO; Lee, SY; Kim, ML; Hwang, I; Kang, KY; Bahk, JD; Lee, SY; Cho, MJ