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Nanoscale Research Letters, vol. 10, 2015-12

Hamh, SY; Park, SH; Han, J; Jeon, JH; Kahng, SJ; Kim, S; Choi, SH; Bansal, N; Oh, S; Park, J; Kim, JS; Kim, JM; Noh, DY; Lee, JS


APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 108, no. 5, page. 51609, 2016-02

Hamh, SY; Park, SH; Jerng, SK; Jeon, JH; Chun, SH; Jeon, JH; Kahng, SJ; Yu, K; Choi, EJ; Kim, S; Choi, SH; Bansal, N; Oh, S; Park, J; Kho, BW; Kim, JS; Lee, JS