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REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, vol. 84, no. 11, page. 113702, 2013-11

Nam, D; Park, J; Gallagher-Jones, M; Shimada, H; Kim, S; Kim, S; Kohmura, Y; Ishikawa, T; Song, C


TISSUE ENGINEERING PART A, vol. 20, page. S116 - S116, 2014-12

Choi, Y; Pati, F; Das, S; Rijal, G; Shim, J; Kim, S; Ray, AR; Ghosh, S; Cho, D


SPEECH COMMUNICATION (postech rank 1), vol. 50, no. 8-9, page. 697 - 715, 2008-08

Jung, S; Lee, C; Kim, S; Lee, GG


ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, vol. 17, page. 87 - 93, 2015-02

Kim, J; Jang, M; An, TK; Kim, S; Kim, H; Kim, SH; Yang, H; Park, CE


PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 94, no. 6, 2005-01

Cho, MW; Kim, S


JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 119, no. 1, page. 1148, 2007-01

Kim, S; Kim, Y; Lee, J; Kim, T; Sohn, J; Yoon, H; Shin, D; Park, S; Chang, S; Choi, D


FEBS JOURNAL, vol. 276, page. 246 - 246, 2009-07

Park, CH; Park, YS; Baek, S; Kim, W; Jeong, MW; Kim, S; Choi, YH; Woo, KC; Lee, KH; Kim, DY; Kim, JS; Kim, KT


FEBS JOURNAL, vol. 277, page. 79 - 79, 2010-06

Kim, JK; Kwon, NS; Chang, SE; Kim, KT; Lee, DM; Kim, S; Yun, SJ; Hwang, D; Kim, JW; Rhyu, IJ; Hwu, Y; Giorgio, M; Je, JH


BMC NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 9, 2008-01

Gorman, PM; Kim, S; Guo, M; Melnyk, RA; McLaurin, J; Fraser, PE; Bowie, JU; Chakrabartty, A


JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol. 136, no. 45, page. 16066 - 16072, 2014-11

Hwang, J; Jo, C; Hur, K; Lim, J; Kim, S; Lee, J


JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, vol. 3, no. 47, page. 23725 - 23731, 2015-01

Hwang, J; Kwak, G; Lee, YJ; Kim, YT; Jeong, I; Kim, S; Jun, KW; Ha, KS; Lee, J


ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 86, no. 10, page. 5077 - 5082, 2014-05

Lee, D; Kim, S; Jeon, S; Thundat, T


JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, vol. 427, page. 85 - 91, 2013-01

Kim, S; Hyunjung Lee; Dahee Ahn; Hae Woong Park; Chang, T; Wonmok Lee


JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, vol. 431, page. 267 - 267, 2013-03

Kim, S; Lee, H; Ahn, D; Park, HW; Chang, T; Lee, W


PLOS ONE, vol. 8, no. 4, 2013-04

Park, JH; Park, S; Yang, JS; Kwon, OS; Kim, SJang, SK


JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, vol. 32, no. 1, page. 1 - 7, 1998-01

Uhm, W; Kim, S


NANOSCALE, vol. 7, no. 21, page. 9433 - 9437, 2015-01

Song, J; Im, K; Hwang, S; Hur, J; Nam, J; Ahn, GO; Hwang, S; Kim, S; Park, N


Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 1, no. 46, page. 14460 - 14466, 2013-10

Jaehyun Hur; Kyuhyun Im; Kim, SW; Un Jeong Kim; Junho Lee; Sungwoo Hwang; Jaejung Song; Kim, S; Hwang, S; Nokyoung Park


SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 3, page. 1282, 2013-02

Jaehyun Hur; Kyuhyun Im; Sungwoo Hwang; ByoungLyong Choi; Kim, S; Hwang, S; Nokyoung Park; Kinam Kim


RSC Advances, vol. 6, no. 57, page. 51658 - 51661, 2016-05

Jaejung Song; Sekyu Hwang; Seongmin Park; Taeyoung Kim; Kyuhyun Im; Jaehyun Hur; Jutaek Nam; Kim, S; Nokyoung Park

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