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NATURE MEDICINE, vol. 21, no. 12, page. 1445 - 1454, 2015-12

Baek, ST; Copel; , B; Yun, EJ; Kwon, SK; Guemez-Gamboa, A; Schaffer, AE; Kim, S; Kang, HC; Song, S; Mathern, GW; Gleeson, JG


Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, vol. 53, no. 8, page. 85026 - 85026, 2011-06

Wolfrum, E; Bernert, M; Boom, JE; Burckhart, A; Classen, IGJ; Conway, GD; Eich, T; Fischer, R; Gude, A; Herrmann, A; Luhmann, NC; Maraschek, M; McDermott, R; Park, HK; Putterich, T; Vicente, J; Wiel; , B; Willensdorfer, M


PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 109, no. 19, page. 197002, 2012-11

Ma, L; Ji, GF; Dai, J; Lu, XR; Eom, MJ; Kim, JS; Norm; , B; Yu, WQ